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About Gary For Life

What is Gary for Life?


Gary for Life is an anti-crime community restoration initiative that recognizes community violence is a public health issue. The initiative is geared towards utilizing a holistic and comprehensive approach to reducing violent crime by addressing four key pillars:

1. Enforcement – Focuses on the minority of people within the city that are committing crimes by providing two options: “We will help you if you let us or we will stop you if you make us.” The intended outcome is to improve overall public safety and reduce violent crime by utilizing the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) model.

2. Prevention – Reducing violent crime will not occur by arresting offenders without determining what causes them to commit these crimes. Gary for Life is committed to assisting individuals who are ready to become law abiding citizens by focusing on areas that include mental health, mentoring, and youth violence prevention.

3. Intervention – Gary for Life has partnered with Goodwill Industries to provide services focused on intensive individualized care and work together to build constructive relationships and support networks amongst participants.

4. Rehabilitation – Mentoring and providing reentry strategies implemented by Gary for Jobs acknowledges the key to reducing violent crime is not by arresting our way out, but through removing the barriers that prevent individuals from being productive citizens.


Our mission is to promote peace and harmony within our community. We are responsible for posting the stories of lives lost as a result of homicide. We take extreme care to write positive uplifting accounts that convey the unique personalities of victims of homicides.