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Harris, Marcel

Name: Marcel Harris         Date of Birth: August 11th, 1987

Died: August 5th, 2017     Gender: Male




 Brief Bio or Memory:  Marcel T. Harris, a man from Saulk Village, Illinois was shot and killed outside of a restaurant in Gary on August 5th, 2017. 29 year old Marcus L. McCain was later charged with murder. His murder happened about a week before his 30th birthday; August 11th. Marcel was a fun-loving individual. Marcel protected himself and family at all cost. A genuine protector. He had a way with the ladies. His favorite food was spaghetti and pizza. He loved to play Spades, dress nice, a real life off the party type of personality. He took care of his sickly parents. His family will always remember his strength and endearment. He worked to support his 3 daughters and step-children. He will be missed forever by his parents and host of brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews, friends and co-workers. His spirit will always be with them.